July 2017

Saltwater/Tidal River Report

The season continues to be an up and down adventure but most of the time it is on the up side! This past full moon period was way off for fishing but the next couple of weeks leading into the middle and end of July will be red hot most likely. We have some bigger bass in the Stratford and Milford areas right now and the sea bass fishing continues to improve. Sandeels are still in the area but we have very few smaller fish showing any interest other than bottom fish like sea bass and fluke which is great. Some bluefish are scattered around on the shoals from time to time along with bass up to 20lb. class. We are finding bigger fish near the estuaries and also on deep water ledges.

Freshwater Report -

It's Caddis time on our local trout streams so show up prepared with pupae as well as green and tan bodied dries anywhere from size 14 to size 18. ISOs are starting up as well in many waters and these bugs are as big as the hendy's so no glasses required! By the middle of July we will see the bigger flies start to slow down on the Housy but the Farmy can still get some great hatches with the cooler water.

Don't overlook some great pike fishing to be had on Lillinonah and Bantam, both of these lakes hold monstrous pike as well as Zoar too!

A 20" survivor strain Farmington River brown trout hooked on a size 12 parachute Hendrickson dry fly!

Interested in Fly Casting instruction for fresh or salt water? Captain Chris Elser is a certified casting instructor and will be offering lessons and instruction throughout the season. Take advantage of one-on-one personalized instruction at any location that is convenient for you! He has all the tackle and can also incorporate a lesson into a trip out on the Sound.

Captain Chris Elser has been writing the Western Long Island Sound fishing reports since April of 2006, you will surely get detailed information on fishing for Stripers, Bluefish, False Albacore and more! Pick up the new isue for the latest info!

Tight Lines!

Heather above with a 52.5 inch striper taken on a red tube and gulp imitation sandworm trolled up on light tackle with a Lamiglas Tri-Flex conventional and Avet MXL reel!


A healthy 16" holdover rainbow trout taken on a pheasant tail nymph in a headwater riffle.

This false albacore was 6 oz. from being a state record at just over 14lbs. and was caught on Sept. 29, 2009 near Milford, CT. It was my personal best fat albert! Let's hope they stack in tight again!

Bonito can be expected in August, it was an epic year in 2009.



My big fly rod fish above was taken July of 2009 on a 15 inch all black spun deer hair pattern tied by Peter Viviano, Jr. - check out all of his selection at www.fishflyes.co

A pristine wild brown trout that fell for a traditional wet fishing the Pomperaug River in early May!

A vew off the stern with twin 250 HP 4 stroke power to get us to the fishing grounds comfortably and fast!

The new rig is finally home - well new to us anyway!
This boat is well kept 2005 26 foot Regulator that will get us to the fishing grounds safely in almost any conditions.

Always take the time to take a kid fishing, nothing like getting kids outdoors and away from all of the electronic distractions these days....enjoy the outdoors and please respect your environent!



All images and text - Copyright 2017 - Elser Guide Services, LLC



A 30+ lb. Striper taken near Stratford!

A 10 lb. fluke taken near Westport, CT

Zach caught this beauty on a tube and worm rig in less than 30 feet of water.

Above is what the 10lb. doormat coughed up when we got it in the boat! Go big or go home as they say!

A gorgeous wild brook trout from a small local stream, we landed over a dozen without even using a hook...just a worm with a knot around it, the ultimate way to not harm them :-)

October 2016 - Future "sharpie" or I could almost classify 3 year old Colton as a sharpie already! Proud of my little grand sons!

October 2016 - Captain Elser with one of many false albacore landed throughout the month in our local waters!

August 2016 - Captain Elser with a 58lb. LI Sound cow bass that inhaled a 2lb. bunker in 10 feet of water!

July 2016 - Heather with a chunky 47lb. linesider in some dense fog!

July 2016 - CJ with another big bass

July 2016 - Shawn Moore getting in on the striper madness!

Hunter's first Sea bass!

July 2016 - Heather with another solid striper